RV Hotels - Grup Rosa dels Vents

Health & Safe Program
Covid-Free Hotels and Apartments

After days of uncertainty, our priority is to offer happiness and health to our clients.

We have been working on the implementation of processes and certificates that give us the security to enjoy the small moments that will reinvent this atypical summer.

In RVhotels we have launched our Health&Safe program that guarantees that in fact, your only concern will be to enjoy. An extraordinary Health and Safety committee has been created to design a contingency plan to adapt all operations to the new health needs and thus be able to offer maximum safety guarantees to our employees and customers.

Following the previously mentioned contingency plan, we detail the main lines of work that will serve as a thread in all our protocols:

Our main lines of action

Health & Safe Program

New cleaning, hygiene and disinfection protocols

social distancing

New buffet and restoration protocols

Digitalization of procedures

Employee training

Development of new communication channels

Below you will find the main measures adopted based on the above criteria by hotel space.

Common areas

Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of common areas in hotels, reception desks, lifts, doors, bathrooms...

Provision of disinfectant gel in the most recurrent points of possible transmission such as access to lifts, toilets, reception...

Capacity control of all common areas (cafeteria, swimming pool, dining room, mini-club..) of the hotels / apartments

ELEVATORS: Use of masks compulsory if they are not members of the same family unit

Recreational Spaces

New Maximum capacity established, ensuring safety distance between clients

Loungers shall be at least 1.5 metres apart

Increased disinfection and cleaning of all facilities in the pool, the spa and the gym.

Rooms / Apartments

Reduction of textiles (including carpets) in the room, decorative objects, to act according to the defined contingency plan

Our laundry assures and certifies the treatment of bed linen and towels at more than 60º and with disinfectant products

Exceptional cleaning and disinfection protocols for the rooms after the guests' departure.

Special attention to items of frequent contact such as doorknobs, coat hangers, television remote controls...


New maximum capacity established, ensuring the safety distance between clients

Implementation of protective screens between client and receptionist

Our employees will be provided with personal protective equipment for their own and the customer's safety

Encouraging payment by credit card , preferably by contactless. Applicable to all the services of the establishment

New implementation of the PRE-CHECK IN, anticipating the customer's reservation data to minimize contact and avoid paper deliveries, as well as agglomerations on arrival (Service available at RVHotels Ametlla MAR, RVhotels Nieves Mar, RVhotels Nautic Park).

New APP with all the information of the hotel, from drink menus to basic information of the hotel like schedules, offered services etc.

Restaurant / Buffet

Capacity control, ensuring the safety distance between clients

We have reduced the number of tables in our Buffets (minimum of 1.5 meters between tables).

We have reformulated the service to offer, as far as possible, individual plates and/or covered single-dose.

Depending on the capacity, we will propose two or three shifts of food or, failing that, we will look for alternative spaces in the hotels to guarantee the buffet service

A predefined route is suggested to avoid crowding in passing areas

Room service personnel will also wear a mask whenever it is not possible to maintain a safe distance from the customer

We carry out an exhaustive control and revision of the temperature of dishwashing trains (>80º)

Use of digitized menus that will be found in the new APP to be downloaded upon arrival.


Our animation teams are trained in prevention, hygiene and safety protocols in the development of the activities.

The use of masks is obligatory for those activities that take place outside the main area of the hotel and for those that do not allow the minimum safety distance to be maintained

Disinfection of the material used in each activity after use

Limited seating and shift arrangements for access to the mini club area

Ventilation and disinfection of the mini-club area on every shift


The swimming pools will be open in all our establishments, the capacity will be limited taking into account the space available and the safety distance of 1.5 meters marked by the regulations. We do not anticipate that you will have to take turns using these facilities. In the event of a very high occupation rate, we will inform you on arrival at the hotel/apartment about how to proceed.

The use of a mask will be necessary only and exclusively when the necessary safety distances cannot be respected, such as in the elevator and if they are not from the same family unit. Our protocol is aimed at reducing the use of masks (through social distance) in our facilities, however, there will be times when they must be used.

Children will be able to move around the hotel as before, as long as they respect the new safety distance regulations. We always recommend that children be accompanied by an adult, and in this case the need for adult supervision is accentuated so that children can adapt to the new way of acting, especially in the common areas of the hotel

In this case, as before the exceptional situation of the COVID-19, our cancellation policy included the total cancellation without fees in case of a justified cause as could be a disease that prevents you from traveling, as long as you send us a proof statement, that is the same policy that will be applied in cases of illness by Covid-19, being the cancellation free if the medical report is attached.

All of our facilities in all of our hotels will be available, however, reformulating their use based on the criteria set by the new regulations, reducing capacity, applying safety and distance measures, etc. So yes they will be available but we will have to get used to the new "normality" including the use of our facilities during your holidays.

Yes, it can be used but with limited capacity. We will consider limiting the access in case of registration of the service.

Yes, all our hotels will operate with buffets as usual, there will obviously be adaptations to the new regulations such as single-dose plates to avoid maximum contact between guests. Seats will be reformulated according to the space available, taking into account the safety distances between tables. This may mean, depending on the hotel, that new spaces will be set up for dining room use and thus avoid having to take turns using the buffet during times of high occupation. However, if necessary, two or three shifts will be established for the buffet pass, which will be managed in an orderly manner from the reception or from the dining room itself

As far as possible, and as long as spaces allow, we will try not to have to manage two shifts of buffet meal passes. However, if necessary, two or three shifts will be established for the buffet pass, which will be managed in an orderly manner from reception or from the dining room itself.

It will be necessary to use masks for moving to those activities that take place outside the main area of the hotel and for those that do not allow to maintain the minimum distance of security. Children must appear in the activity places with his mask.

We know that for many people, the animation service is something essential, however, we have to understand that the activities as we have understood them until now, by regulation, will not be able to be the same, nevertheless our great team of animation, is working hard to adapt and to reformulate the activities that so much you like so that all we can enjoy in a sure way so much of the facilities as of the activities.

Yes, there will be a limited capacity and organization of shifts to access the mini club area. The mini-club area will be ventilated and disinfected on each shift. Necessary measures will be taken by protocol, such as the use of a mask (depending on the space) or constant hand washing by both our staff and the children themselves. All material will be disinfected after use, however, priority will be given to outdoor activities to avoid intensive use of these facilities by our staff or the children.