Legal Note

According to the consent to the article 10 of the Law 34/2002 from 11 July, of the Services of Company of Information and Electronic Commerce, we inform that the site and the dominion of belongs to Retive S.L.U., Mercader Sais S.A y Viatges Rosa dels Vents S.A.U. , with the seat in C C/ Diputación 238, Entr 3ª , 08007, Barcelona España, telephone +34 93 503 60 39 and fax +37 39 503 60 44 and email address:

The fiscal identification of each company are:
Retive S.L.U. is VAT: B82573338. This company is registered in the Trade Register in Barcelona in the, book 35364, folio 34, entry 265150, 3rd inscription.
Mercader Sais is VAT: A17098666. This company is registered in the Trade Register in Girona in the, book 70, folio 43, entry GE-1230, 1st inscription.
Viatges Rosa dels Vents, S.A.U. is VAT A08626483. This company is registered in the Trade Register in Barcelona in the, book 6041, section2, folio 25 , entry 59892, 10th inscription.

Tourist Registration Number:

Hotel Ametlla Mar****: HTE-000826
Hotel Palau lo Mirador****: HG002374
Hotel Ses Arrels****: HG-002348
Hotel Condes del Pallars****: HL000339

Apartamentos Piscis:

H1TG-6001, H1TG-6002, H1TG-6003, H1TG-6004, H1TG-6005, H1TG-6006, H1TG-6007.

Apartamentos Bonsol:

H1TG-4795, H1TG-4796, H1TG-4797, H1TG-4798, H1TG-4799, H1TG-4800, H1TG-4801, H1TG-4802.

Apartamentos del Sol:


Apartamentos El Tropik:

HUTG-006051, HUTG-006085, HUTG-006066, HUTG-006068, HUTG-006080, HUTG-006059, HUTG-006079, HUTG-006076, HUTG-006063, HUTG-006075, HUTG-006086, HUTG-006077, HUTG-006073, HUTG-006071, HUTG-006052, HUTG-006056, HUTG-006078, HUTG-006048, HUTG-006070, HUTG-006087, HUTG-006057, HUTG-006081, HUTG-006055, HUTG-006065, HUTG-006054.

Apartamentos Torrevella:

HTG-006027, HUTG-006029, HUTG-006032, HUTG-006031, HUTG-006033, HTG-006034, HUTG-006035, HUTG-006036, HTG-006040, HUTG-006041, HUTG-006042.

Apartamentos Can Torrents:


Apartamentos Estartit Confort:

HUTG-4805, HUTG-4814, HUTG-4815, HUTG-4818, HUTG-4820, HUTG-4822, HUTG-4824, HUTG-4826, HUTG-4827, HUTG-4830, HUTG-4833, HUTG-4834, HUTG-4836, HUTG-4838, HUTG-4840, HUTG-4842, HUTG-4843, HUTG-4849, HUTG-4850, HUTG-4851, HUTG-4852, HUTG-4853, HUTG-4854, HUTG-4855, HUTG-4856, HUTG-4857, HUTG-4858, HUTG-4859, HUTG-4860, HUTG-4862, HUTG-4863, HUTG-4864, HUTG-4866, HUTG-4868, HUTG-4871, HUTG-4872, HUTG-4874, HUTG-4875, HUTG-4877, HUTG-4878, HUTG-4879, HUTG-4881, HUTG-4910, HUTG-4911, HUTG-4912, HUTG-4913, HUTG-4914, HUTG-4915, HUTG-4916, HUTG-4917, HUTG-4918, HUTG-4919, HUTG-4920, HUTG-4921, HUTG-4922, HUTG-4923, HUTG-4924, HUTG-4925, HUTG-4926

Apartments La Pineda:

HUTG-011232, HUTG-011233, HUTG-011234, HUTG-011235, HUTG-011236, HUTG-011237, HUTG-011238, HUTG-011239, HUTG-011240, HUTG-011241, HUTG-011242, HUTG-011243, HUTG-011244, HUTG-011245, HUTG-011247, HUTG-011248, HUTG-011249, HUTG-011250, HUTG-011251, HUTG-011252, HUTG-011253, HUTG-011254, HUTG-011255, HUTG-011256, HUTG-011257, HUTG-011258, HUTG-011259, HUTG-011260, HUTG-011261, HUTG-011262, HUTG-011263, HUTG-011264, HUTG-011265, HUTG-011266, HUTG-011267

Apartamentos Salats

40261291K, 40261291K, 40261291K, 40261291K, 40261291K, 40261291K, 40236822R, 40236822R, 40236822R, 40236822R, 40236822R, 40236822R, 40236822R, 40236822R

Apartamentos Treumal Park

CP228219 11

Apartaments Villa de Madrid

HUTG11160, HUTG11161, HUTG11162, HUTG11163, HUTG11164, HUTG11165, HUTG11166, HUTG11167, HUTG11168, HUTG11169, HUTG11170, HUTG11171, HUTG11172, HUTG11173, HUTG11174, HUTG11175